1.When did you decide you wanted to become a published author?

After I had collected all the photographs in the book and had written the Introduction, the Forward, and the Afterward, it sat around for many years in a plastic box,  until I was lucky enough to find the perfect publisher who shared my vision.  

2. What about John Boles, the subject of your book, what intrigues your spirit enough to write and compile a book project like this one?

He captured my heart in the 1932 film :  Back Street.  I had never seen so handsome or so gentle an actor. 

3. Which of his movies moved you the most?

Definitely it was a revival of the 1932 "Back Street,"  that changed my life by giving it purpose.  

4. What about John Boles set him apart during the Hollywood Golden Years?

Extremely handsome with warm eyes and a Southern charm; in addition, possessing a beautiful singing voice, along  with a seductive speaking voice. 

5. What do you hope your readers will take away from your publication?

The Beauty and Allure of John Boles and what he meant to the public of the 1930's. 

6. If you were to write another book, what/who would it be about?

Yes, I am planning to have published a sampling of the memoirs of my life as soon I find the right title.  I'm thinking now of "American War Baby" which is my first memoir. 

7. What do you think John Boles would say to you if he were sitting with us now?

Thank you for your singular devotion.  .  


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