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ValStar Publishing is a one of a kind publishing house created specifically for inspired authors. All of our authors and book titles are published and marketed as a tool for raising awareness and funds for charities and not for profit organizations.

"a true desire to help people in publishing...an asset..."
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From Foster Homes to Harvard Law, Elle Febbo, now a best selling, award winning author, is also the CEO of Febbo Media, Associate Producer of the Emmy acknowledged, "Project: Forgive", keynote speaker, globally published journalist and child advocate.

Last year, Elle was acknowledged by Jane Seymour and the Open Hearts Foundation for her work with Big Brothers Big Sisters, receiving high honors with an award for service and a generous check for $10,000 in support of her efforts, which was gifted to Big Brother's Big Sisters of Ventura County.

Elle serves as a Contract Adviser for the National Writers Union and was recently elected as the Southern California Chapter Chair in recognition for her efforts to reach the masses and open doors for the voices of writers from around the globe in association with the International Authors Coalition.

Her acclaimed children’s book "What Love Is A-Z" , honored by the Film Advisory Board for excellence in children and family literature, is used as a tool for service and fundraising, opening doors for awareness and funds to be raised for children's charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, CCHR Florida, Orangewood Children's Foundation, Royal Family KIDS, and more. Elle currently serves as volunteer for The Orange County Department of Education Foster Youth Services, Juvenile Probation Department of California, Royal Family KIDS, The LA Mission, the Teen Leadership Foundation, LAUSD, and Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California.
She also serves on the Board of Directors for Big Brother's Big Sisters of Ventura County, and is a Big Sister herself to an 11 year old "Little".

Her company, Febbo Media is designed to make books, products and business matter, through collaborative cause marketing, and her workshops, seminars and lectures are designed to take business leaders, authors and entrepreneurs to the next level through service and collaborative affiliation, with the message that anything is possible when the like-minded and like-hearted come together to make it happen.

Elle reaches the masses through radio, television, and from stages everywhere, inspiring thousands around the world to live and work from the heart for a more rewarding, and spiritually accomplished life experience.


​​​​​​​​​​THE INTERVIEW 
When did you know you wanted to be an author?
When I learned that "mermaid" wasn't a real job. I was about 7 years old.
What did the process look like from wanting to publish the book to actually publishing it?
Wow - truthfully, the dream was born when I was a child, so, I guess the process began a few decades ago. I've been writing since elementary school in journals I'd fill with stories, songs and poems. When I was 12 or 13 years old and in foster care, I won my first two writing awards, and published a poem in a book and another in a greeting card with my artwork. 

It was a defining time for me as a writer, and as a person. 

I wish more publishers and authors would include the works of child writers. Children are teachers with a lot to say, and by giving them the space to express themselves (either through writing, art, music, or whatever other talent runs though their veins), we not only offer ourselves the gift of stepping into the role of Student, but we find we are reminded of what we already know, but have long forgotten. Kids are masters.

What a breath of fresh air child writers are. 

What were some of the challenges you faced when publishing? How did you move through writer's block?  How did you handle the dreaded “no”/rejection?

I never was one for math, but wasn't that 3 questions? (laughs)

The challenges I faced strengthened me for sure, but what sticks out the most isn't the challenges; it's the people who stepped in at exactly the right time, and who supported me and encouraged me when I needed it most. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my friends, family and cheerleaders who picked me up when I fell, and celebrated my milestones. 
And I'm not sure what he word "rejection" means. I think it's similar to a favor...either way, it almost certainly means that there is someplace else I'm meant to be. 

What was your greatest fear about publishing your book and reaching the masses?
I guess all any author can hope for is that their intended audience appreciates what they have to offer. 
To the end, I always say, WRITE FOR YOURSELF! Those who are meant to read it will. Those who aren't, well -- they won't. And that's ok. 
What matters is that you put your ALL into whatever you do - all of your passion, all of your heart, all of your SELF. 

All anyone wants is to know is who you are. 
Your book is your song, and if it's from your heart, then there's nothing like it. It's original, and there is no competition.

What was your motivation for writing your story?
Well, I first wrote my story (about my journey through foster care and into what I know today as LIFE) back in 2009, and I'm not sure what motivated me; I think it was just time. It wasn't an easy story to write, but it was very healing for me.
I didn't realize until after the book came out though just how powerful it was to reach a global audience this way. I suddenly had a readership from around the world who wanted more, but -- it took me a while. I had a childrens book to publish first. (laughs)
I published that chilkdrens book, "What Love Is A-Z' in 2010, and it became a best selling award winner over and over again. I still use it today as a tool for raising funds and awareness for childrens charities with corporate partnerships. It's been an amazing ride.
Then I finally published Life By Heart, and the grown ups were happy again for a while.
Now, they're asking for more again. 

Maybe I'll write a cookbook this time...
Can you cook?
That depends on who you ask...
But I do love healthy food and I LOVE to be in the kitchen with my sprouts (my children), so maybe I'll share what delicious recipes we create in the kitchen! 
Who knows. I never know what I'll do next. 

What have you found to be the best ways to promote your book and to reach your target audience?
Of course, there are hundreds of traditional ways to promote a book, but I'm not sure there's any better way to promote a book than through collaborative community. As a member of the National Writers Union (and Southern California Chapter Chair), Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County, member of Star-Prenuers, member of the Women of Global Change community and others, I have the opportunity to connect with the like-minded and like-hearted and promote my work through word of mouth networking, collaborative newsletters, radio, television and more. Collaboration is GOLDEN.

Add a service element (PLEASE!!), plus strong social content, an open mind and an abundance of gratitide, and you're in business!
Of course, for practical hands-on tips, I do have a complete list of 25 FREE ways to promote your book. And the handout is FREE to anyone who asks for it! I can always be reached through my website. www.ellefebbo.com  
Simply click the "Contact Us" link. 

I'm just an email away.
Elle Febbo

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Business Development Expert and Child Advocate

NWU Contract Adviser & Copyright Expert, Local 1981
NWU So. Ca. Chapter Chair

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County, Board of Directors - www.bbsvc.org 


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