John Boles, Matinee Idol

By Beth R. Temkin

Synopsis: John Boles (1895-1969), The matinee Idol of the early 30's and the first singing star of the talkies is presented within this long over due and first ever pictorial book that will surely appeal to any fans who still remember him, with over 60 head shots and stills never before published in one book, and to new fans who'll be able to discern his singular magnetism and the effect he had on the movie going public of his day. 

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Alex Walker and the Lights of Temptation 

By Michael Mayo

Third in the Series:

"The Adventures of Alex Walker"

Synopsis: The book is the third of a series about a young boy who discovers he has the power to understand all animals’ speech and that because of this, he is seen by them as “The One,” the legendary human who would end mankind’s cruelty against them.

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Sacred Gifts of A Short Life

By Dr. Liz Fernandez, DVM

Synopsis: Whether you are facing the death of a loved one, human or non human, or you are in a position of providing support for someone moving through this journey, this book can provide a sense of calm in the midst of these difficult events. It offers a perspective on mortality that embraces both the profound devastation felt, as well as the amazing sacredness and grace this passage from form into formlessness invites us to experience.

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